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Size chart:
S | Neck circumference 23 - 29.5 cm
M | Neck circumference 28 - 34.5 cm
L | Neck circumference 33.5 - 40 cm
XL | Neck circumference 38 - 47 cm
XXL | Neck circumference 48 - 59 cm

Tuscany Ponte leather

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Regular price €1,00
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The leather used in the production of the dog collars

is a natural material that has been used for thousands of years and will probably never go out of fashion. Products made from leather retain their value. Due to their naturalness, smell and pleasant touch, they are extremely long-lasting and retain their value as well. Leather accessories are also a testament to the owner's refined style and taste. Every single piece is original, even through its beauty flaws. Just as wood has its minor scratches and wounds, leather also has its scars, which the animal has acquired during its lifetime. This is what gives this material its uniqueness. The leather from which we sew the collars comes from Tuscany. It is made from the dorsal part. This part is of the highest quality and has a wonderful texture. Tuscan leather products are characterised by their unmistakable scent and are created using traditional craftsmanship.

The magic of handmade products

All Patroon products are handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail. Every step of the manufacturing process is done by hand, requiring a significant amount of time and expertise. This approach to manufacturing our products is a departure from the more efficient, but less personal and lower quality machine production. The production of Patroon dog products is time-consuming because it involves the careful selection of materials and their precise cutting and stitching. The craftsmen who make these dog collars are highly skilled and experienced and take great pride in their work. They pay close attention to every detail, ensuring that the final product is of the highest quality.

Ponte leather

The leather is produced in Tuscany, in the Conceria il ponte factory with a 60-year tradition. Ponte has a warm, supple feel and a very smooth texture. The character of the leather is in balance between soft and stiff leather. The grain is firm, high quality with minimal imperfections.

Each product can be even more unique

Our Patroon collars offer a unique and stylish way to let your four-legged friend stand out. With the option to have your dog's name engraved on the dog collar, you can add a piece of uniqueness. In addition to custom engraving, you can also choose the size and shape of the dog collar to ensure that it fits your dog perfectly. Overall, with Patroon collars, you get the chance to express your creativity and give your pet an accessory that is not only functional but also adds personality to your pet.

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