Samuel L — large dog bed

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Handmade bed for large breeds, with oval frame made of solid beech wood. The sumptuous satin cover and removable cushion ensure a comfortable rest for your dog with a touch of luxury.
Emerald green
Royal blue
Khaki green
Capuchin brown

Variant colors:

  • Cappuccino brown
  • Khaki green
  • Purple
  • Royal Blue
  • Emerald green


  • Dimensions of the bed 93 x 52 x 24 cm


  • Beech frame
  • Foam and fleece filling
  • Satin cover 100% polyester
  • Quilting with linen thread
Product description

The Samuel dog bed is a symbol of the combination of elegance and comfort for your dog.

It has a solid oval frame made of beech wood, which gives it not only a harmonious shape, but also high durability and long life.

The oval-shaped raised edges of the bed ensure your four-legged pet feels safe and cosy, while the soft, removable and touchable cushion provides maximum comfort during rest.

The combination of beech wood with satin fabric upholstery makes the Samuel dog bed not only an ideal resting place for your dog, but also an exclusive piece of furniture that adds pizzazz to your home.

The largest version of the Samuel L has dimensions of 93 x 52 x 24 cm and is suitable for large dog breeds such as:

  • Barzoj
  • Cane-corso
  • Doberman
  • Hovawart
  • Leonberger
  • Rottweiler
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback

For smaller dog breeds, we recommend a smaller or medium-sized version of the dog bed.


To remove common dirt, you can clean the bed with a damp cloth, vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner. These methods are suitable for quick removal of surface dirt or for regular maintenance. The removable cushion can be washed in an automatic washing machine using the hand wash programme at 30°C. We recommend drying the cushion naturally, not in the tumble dryer.

For deep cleaning we recommend professional dry cleaning. This method is the most gentle and will ensure that your bedding is kept in the best condition.

Maximum comfortable dog bed

The Samuel dog bed brings your dog maximum comfort and convenience. With an elegant oval shape, precision craftsmanship and the highest quality, your pet will enjoy resting in absolute comfort and style.

Dog bed that stands the test of time

The Samuel bed boasts a timeless design inspired by antique furniture. With fine details and elegance, we've captured the charm of the antique style, ensuring your pooch's comfort with style that stands the test of time.