Ceramic Bowl Circle Sand

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Size chart
S | Diameter 11cm, Height 5 cm, Volume 340ml
M | Diameter 14,5cm, Height 6 cm, Volume 550ml
L | Diameter 18cm, Height 7cm, Objem 790ml
XL | Diameter 23cm, Výška 8cm, Volume 1150ml


Product description

Ceramic bowls

Ceramic bowls are made by hand, just like all other Patroon products. We use a light cream clay that contains small particles of oxides. These show up as small dark spots when fired above 1 220 °C. Each bowl passes through the hands of the artisan several times. The first time on the potter's wheel, the next day the bowl is cleaned and then followed by a drying period of 5 days. If the drying process is accelerated, the bowls could crack, causing them to deteriorate. The bowls must spend several days in the oven. The first firing in a ceramic kiln at 1 000 °C takes 2 days. After this step, they are dipped in the glaze. They are then fired again, but this time for longer and at 1220 °C. This second firing gives the bowls their final form. Patroon ceramic bowls are fired from stoneware, so they are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. They will not be damaged by frost or strong sun.